NTIA Tier E License Request

NTIA Tier E License Request

The NTIA Tier E License supports participation in a challenge process organized under a Federal Broadband Granting Agency's (FBGA) broadband grant program(s). The Tier E license is intended for units of local government, non-profits, and other organizations that have signed an FCC Tier 4 license.

Before you complete this form make sure you have the following information:

  1. Your organization's FCC Registration Number (FRN).

  2. The company name as well as name, title and email address for the person who will administer the Tier D license on behalf of your organization. An Administrator adds counties, changes programs, and distributes the Data, etc..

  3. A website (public URL) that describes your organization.

  4. The name(s) of the federal broadband program (eg. US Treasury, USDA, NTIA) under which your organization will participate in a challenge.

  5. The counties in which your organization needs licensed Fabric Data to participate in federal broadband programs.

Please be aware that the license request system will send you an email to verify the validity of your email address. This is a time limited link. We recommend initiating this request when you can complete the entire process. Our system also tabulates the number of requests from a single domain. We strongly recommend completing this request from your corporate domain rather than a shared domain like yahoo.com, mac.com, gmail.com, etc.

If you have already received a Tier E license and wish to expand your geographic entitlement (county list), please do not submit those requests through this website. There will be a distinct process announced for county modifications in the near future.

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Your request has been submitted. You will receive an email with an authorized link. This link will expire in 14 days. Please complete the license request process within this timeframe.

If your link is expired or you need additional support, please email IFAsupport@costquest.com